What People are Saying

A lawyer who doesn’t like to lose, Serka has done his part to reshape the legal landscape. In doing so, he has also made a dramatic difference in people’s lives. Read what people are saying about this innovative and determined criminal lawyer in Vancouver B.C.

“I like working with him because he’s prepared to try arguments and he’s willing to persist to see if he can make them work. He has a real interest in the development of the law.”

—Norman Callegaro, a lawyer who worked closely with Tony Serka on many of his notable cases

“I know of no other criminal lawyer who has had two such significant accomplishments.”

—Former Supreme Court of BC Justice (referring to Serka’s Supreme Court of Canada cases)

“For a young lawyer arguing a case in the Supreme Court of Canada is a daunting task but Serka wouldn’t let go. The nine Justices hear Serka tell them that Debra Hutt was not pressing and persistent in her conversations with Barkley. That means she’s not guilty…”

—From the TV Show “History’s Courtroom”, Narrator Kirk Makin

“He has developed a knack for getting unexpected acquittals.”

—The Vancouver Sun

“Serka’s tenacious defence of the spandex-clad hookers who stroll the city’s dimly lit streets has earned him the label ‘patron saint of prostitutes.’”

—The Kamloops Daily News

“An honest, upfront lawyer who doesn’t sugarcoat anything.”

—Marie Arrington, spokesperson for Prostitutes and Other Women for Equal Rights

“He is a defence counsel that is known for giving a very high standard of defence to his clients, and if you are ever in trouble, you would be very lucky to have someone like Mr. Serka representing you.”

—A Judge of the Provincial Court of British Columbia

“Eight months ago, I did not know whether or not I would be spending time in jail, and now I am wondering which law school I shall attend. I feel like I have a new lease on life. None of this would be [possible] if you had not been willing to help me when you did.”

—Former client

“It’s nice to know that hanging in there and fighting the good fight with compassion and integrity can eventually be recognized.”

—Former Supreme Court of BC Justice (on Tony Serka’s QC designation)