Fees & Services

Tony Serka provides a free initial consultation so he can fully understand the charges that you are facing. Should you decide to hire Tony Serka, his fees and services are outlined below.


Fees are based on a number of factors including:

  • The complex nature of the criminal charge against you
  • The seriousness of the criminal charge against you
  • The proposed length of the trial
  • Which of the alternative types of resolutions you wish to proceed with (i.e. trial or plea bargain) after they have been explained to you by Tony Serka

Generally, you will be given a quotation as a block fee rather than on an hourly rate. If you wish to hire Tony Serka, you will be required to furnish a retainer after your free initial interview. You may also discuss a payment schedule for the full fee. The full fee should be paid within 45 days prior to the trial date.


If you decide to hire Tony Serka, you will be asked to provide him with all the documents that have been given to you by the police and the Crown Counsel, which relate to your criminal charges.

Tony Serka will be able to attend most court appearances on your behalf, without you having to be present. This means that you do not have to take time off from work or any other normal duties in your daily routine. You will be encouraged to keep in contact or be available for a rundown of the status of your case.