Areas of Practice

Tony Serka has demonstrated a “knack for getting unexpected acquittals” in a number of major trials for assault, drug offences, sexual assault and impaired charges among others. See a complete list of Areas of Practice below.

Assault and Violent Crimes

  • spousal assault
  • common assault
  • threatening
  • assault with a weapon
  • assault causing bodily harm
  • aggravated assault
  • sexual assault *see sexual offences
  • assault of a peace officer
  • murder
  • manslaughter

Shoplifting and Property Crimes

  • shoplifting
  • theft from employer
  • theft of hydro
  • credit card theft
  • possession of stolen property
  • theft of telecommunication devices

Driving Offences

  • impaired driving/ 0.08/ DUI
  • dangerous driving
  • criminal negligence
  • hit and run
  • refusal to blow or give a sample with regard to approved screening device or breathalyzer demand
  • impaired driving by drugs
  • any driving causing bodily harm or death

Drug Offences

  • marijuana grows
  • simple possession
  • possession for the purposes of trafficking
  • importing/exporting
  • production
  • search warrants
  • forfeiture and seizures of offence-related property
  • impaired driving by drugs


  • obtaining credit by fraud
  • forgery
  • fraud food, beverage, accommodation
  • fraudulent sale of property

Sexual Offences

  • rape
  • sexual offences involving children
  • sexual interference
  • sexual touching
  • sexual exploitation
  • indecent act


  • search and arrest warrants
  • bail hearings and reviews
  • guilty pleas and sentencing